More About Internet Marketing

The business world is going all ga-ga with Internet Marketing riding on top of all types of marketing strategies. Known by many names like digital marketing, online marketing, web marketing, e-marketing etc. today it has become a major means of employment for many companies that provide these services.

Though Internet Marketing is of two letters, the means of marketing are many.

1. You can put up your advertisement and banner on other’s websites, just like the way you put up posters and ads on newspapers and advertise throughout the world.

2. E-commerce is one of the highly performing Internet Marketing strategies. With this, now one can sell his products directly to the customer without any middle man and is called the B2C (Business to Consumer). So also, B2B (Business to Business) and C2C (Consumer to Consumer) sales is made possible.

3. Create your own website. This will allow you to put up your own online store wherein you can display your products, give details of the products and make online 24 hour online shopping possible. This will increase your sales turnover as there is no time period for shutting and opening your store.

4. Affiliate Marketing is also one of the major boon of Internet Marketing, in which, one company asks several other companies to sell its products through links, trackers etc and gives the seller company a share in its profit.

5. There is the powerful tool called the Email, which helps in contacting huge customers at one go with a single click of the mouse. You can send hundreds of those mails in seconds and they reach customers all over the world in a few minutes.

6. Even if you do not have a business up and running, you can create your own business without investing anything. Just put in your imaginations and writing skill together and create wrathful articles and submit to various article directories and get paid sitting at home. Or otherwise, even if you have your own website you can keep on adding these articles on your site and enable it to top the list as far as search engines are concerned.

The major reason for the Internet Marketing to become so popular in such a short span of time is because:

1. It is very cheap when compared to other marketing and advertising means.

2. It gets global exposure instantly.

3. Statistical analysis and market research can be done with great ease. It also helps them find instantly about the highly viewed, accepted or liked products, campaigns, ads etc. This helps them to reset their strategy and focus more on the products that are less popular and take efforts to bring them up.

But along with its all positive aspects, there are many who are into misusing this superb form of marketing. There are many that have come up with ideas like ‘Become Rich Instantly through Internet Marketing, take our course and you will become rich. These are simply bogus and you are sure to get into a big trap. So, before entering into any such online marketing services, be informed and enquiry well and ensure that they are genuine enough and are worthwhile.

5 Step Roadmap to Successful Email Marketing

Did you know you can get up to $50 return on every dollar spent on email marketing? What is the secret of their success? How do they achieve very high levels of responses? The great thing about email marketing is that everyone both novice and expert alike have to follow the same 5 step roadmap to be successful.

Action One: Define your business objective

You need to be absolutely clear about what you want to achieve. Is it customer acquisition using promotional offers? Is it sales lead generation to secure qualified prospects? Is it customer nurturing and retention with relevant & informative newsletters? Whatever it is you must have a clear and defined business objective.

Action Two: Build your email list

Successful email marketing starts with quality contacts. You can start with a handful of contacts. When you make the effort to email relevant content to your list, you will start achieving your business objectives. Put a plan in place to start growing your list. Use your website to collect permission based email contacts using enquiry, registration or subscription forms. Make sure every member of your staff understands the importance of building your list. Collect email contacts at every opportunity making sure you get their permission to contact them with future information.

Action Three: Prepare your message

Do not rush to get your email out. Plan ahead and spend most of your effort on the message you want to get to the recipient and what action will result from it. Take care that the message is relevant for your target list. Put yourself in the position of the recipient. Will you want to open and read the email? What is in it for them? Will the message compel the recipient to your desired action? Every message you send out must provide real value to the recipient so that they will be continually receptive to your messages. Follow the AIDA guide; attract the Attention of the reader, generate their Interest, create a Desire for the reader to act and provide them with a call to Action.

Action Four: Test and test again

Statistics have demonstrated that most (65%) of us will open an email because we know and trust the sender. This trusting relationship is built over time by providing relevant information that is of value to the recipient. However, even if you are a trusted sender you must not take the relationship for granted. Test that you have a compelling and interesting subject line that will encourage the recipient to open the email and act on your message. Send the email to a test group of contacts. Test for open rates with different email subject lines and test click through rates for different call to actions. Once you have the email that best performs send it to your target list.

Action Five: Measure and track your results

Use your email marketing analysis tools to measure the results of your effort versus the objectives you have set for the email marketing campaign. What worked? What did not work? What did we learn? How can we improve and do better next time? Let this become your digital marketing system. As you gain experience and learn what works for your business and target market you will be able to crank up the digital marketing system to generate more business results for your next email campaign.