Hey Online Entrepreneur – You Keeping’ Up With Those Social Media Trends?

Social media keeps changing and evolving. Mostly for the better. That means you, as an entrepreneur, need to keep on top of the trends, and find a strategy that can move your forward in building your business… even as change continues to happen.

What happens of you don’t?

You get lost in the mix. You get ignored by the masses. You lose out on building a following and increasing your sales.

But a solid strategy, guided by an evergreen approach to your social content, will ensure that, even with every new change, you can still stay ahead of your competitors.

So just how do you develop better strategies to keep up with the ever changing social media trends? Here’s a few tips to help you out:

1. Use Multiple Platforms

There are several social media networks. While it’s not wise to use them all – at least not manually, it’s a good idea to master one or two, and then syndicate your content to the other major networks as well… Because you never know where someone might find you.

If you confine yourself to only one platform, like Facebook for example, you’ll be restricting your reach to only those who are there. But simple syndication of the posts you create for Facebook onto other networks, like Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, can get you found by a much larger group of people.

Besides, single networks can be fickle. They might change their posting policies or the types of content that users respond to might change… or worse: your target audience might migrate to another network. So take time to diversify your social media tactics.

2. Social Media for SEO?

It’s kind of like a three-in-one power play. Use social networks to build your website’s search engine recognition, and manage the flow and reach of the content you create as well.

The internet is intertwined far beyond any offline communication platforms we used to use. So taking one piece of your content (like your blog posts or your videos) and optimizing them through the use of social media can result in a huge lift to your reach, giving you much higher visibility, and resulting in far more traffic being pulled in to your website.

So be sure to interlace your different marketing methods with one another. When you promote a blog post to your email list, for example, also include a link to your social media pages. Or better yet, syndicate the blog post on social media, and direct your email list to that post instead of the original blog. If they share it, which you should encourage them to do, you’ll be seen by sen more eyes.

3. Be Visual

Nobody wants to read a full block of text anymore. We have shorter and shorter attention spans, and too many distractions calling us to look at something new all the time. That’s why we’re seeing most social media posts including images. The visual inclination of most consumers has created huge successes out of both Pinterest and Instagram, and made them cornerstones for many businesses selling physical goods.

But you don’t need to just share images of products. Thought provoking or educational quotes presented visually are hugely successful too. And seem to spread like wildfire across social media.

How do you get visual? Simply find the right visual platform for your business and niche, and then make sure that you incorporate some branding as well.